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Roger Davie is a Board Certified Employment Law Expert.


It is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side while negotiating the complexity of employment law. Roger Davie, a seasoned legal practitioner with a lot of expertise, is a Texas Board of Legal Specialization Board Certified specialist in Employment Law. Mr. Davie is a valued advocate for persons seeking justice in the field of employment law, with a special concentration on matters involving wrongful termination, workplace accidents, sexual harassment, and age discrimination. Explore his career background and areas of expertise below.


Employment Law Expertise

Roger Davie's legal practice focuses mostly on Employment Law, in which he exhibits outstanding expertise in managing many areas of employment-related disputes. Among his areas of specialization are:


Employee Advantages

Employment Agreements

Discrimination at Work

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

Unpaid Overtime & Wages

Harassment of a Sexual Nature

Whistleblower Suggestions

Termination without Cause


A Comprehensive Approach to Legal  Representation

In addition to his expertise in Employment Law, Roger Davie also handles Personal Injury matters. His all-encompassing approach to legal representation includes a wide range of personal injury practice areas, such as:

Bites from Animals and Dogs

Brain Damage


Accidents in Automobiles

Construction Mishaps

Motorcycle Mishaps

Liability on the Property

Truck Mishaps

Unjust Death

Compensation for Workers


Mr. Davie's extensive skill set enables him to provide well-rounded legal advice to clients confronting a wide range of legal difficulties.


Multiple Jurisdictional Licensing

Roger Davie's lengthy legal career has led him to several jurisdictions where he is admitted to practice. He is authorized to practice in the following states:


The state of New Mexico

- Jurisdiction has been granted since 1986.



- Legal authority Admission date: 1985


Mr. Davie's multi-jurisdictional licensure reflects his dedication to serving a larger community and assisting persons in need.


Decades of Dedication: Professional Experience


Roger Davie has been an outspoken supporter for his clients' rights for over three decades. He is presently a Partner Attorney with Roger Davie P.C., specialized in the litigation of employment and work injury claims, demonstrating his unshakable dedication to fighting for the rights of people he represents.


Education and Certification

Roger Davie's illustrious legal career began with his studies at Texas Tech University, where he received his J.D. in 1985. His commitment to the legal profession is further emphasized by his Board Certification in Employment Law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which recognizes his remarkable knowledge in this complicated area of the law.


Professional Organizations

Roger Davie is an active member of various professional organisations, displaying his commitment to remaining current on legal advances and building relationships with other legal professionals. Among his professional affiliations are:


The State Bar of New Mexico

- Been a member since: 1986


Texas State Bar

- Been a member since 1985


These organizations offer Mr. Davie with excellent information and networking opportunities, which ultimately assist his clients by keeping him well-informed and connected throughout the legal community.


Finally, Roger Davie's Board Certification in Employment Law and vast legal expertise distinguish him as a notable attorney in his profession. Mr. Davie's knowledge and devotion to his clients' rights are clear whether you're dealing with wrongful termination, workplace accidents, sexual harassment, or age discrimination. Visit his website at []( to learn more about his practice and the services he provides. With Roger Davie on your side, you can be confident that you are working with a skilled and enthusiastic attorney who is committed to protecting your rights in the complicated realm of employment law.

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