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Olivia M. Gross is a seasoned attorney with an impressive 37-year career, based in New York. With a wealth of experience, Olivia has earned a reputation as a prominent figure in the legal world, specializing in construction litigation and insurance coverage matters. Her extensive knowledge and dedication have made her a recognized authority in New York's legal landscape.



A Partner in Construction Litigation


Olivia M. Gross serves as a partner in her firm's Construction Litigation department. Her expertise extends to various facets of claims defense work, with a strong focus on New York insurance coverage litigation and appellate practice. Olivia is well-versed in construction Labor Law claims and related risk transfer issues, making her a go-to expert for clients seeking guidance in these areas.


A Multifaceted Legal Practitioner


Olivia's legal prowess is not confined to one area; she is actively involved in premises liability, construction, and insurance coverage litigation. Her skills as a negotiator and mediator have been honed through years of practice. Olivia's comprehensive knowledge base allows her to tackle a wide spectrum of legal challenges effectively.


A Distinguished Speaker and Lecturer


Olivia M. Gross's influence goes beyond the courtroom. She frequently shares her insights and knowledge through lectures on various legal topics, including premises liability, accident prevention, claims investigation, indemnification, insurance coverage, and defense strategy. Her commitment to educating others underscores her dedication to the legal profession.


Seminal Appellate Decisions


Olivia's legal career is marked by numerous accomplishments, including responsibility for seminal appellate decisions. These decisions have addressed critical issues in the legal field, such as antisubrogation, horizontal exhaustion, and sole proximate cause as a defense to absolute liability claims.


Declaratory Judgment Actions and Risk Transfers


Throughout her career, Olivia has litigated numerous declaratory judgment actions in both state and federal courts. She has also been instrumental in securing numerous risk transfers and indemnity recoveries in insurance litigation on behalf of her clients. Her track record in these areas speaks to her exceptional legal acumen.


Policy Endorsements and Insurance Policy Language


Olivia has actively participated in negotiating policy endorsements on behalf of insureds and provided valuable recommendations on insurance policy language to insurer clients. Her contributions in shaping insurance policies demonstrate her ability to navigate complex legal frameworks effectively.


Educational Background and Professional Associations


Olivia M. Gross earned her J.D. cum laude from Pace University School of Law in 1985 and a B.A. from City University of New York, Brooklyn College, in 1981. She is a proud member of the New York State Bar, holding ID Number 2035012 since 1986. Olivia is also affiliated with Professional Women in Construction and the Claims & Litigation Management Alliance.


Honors and Awards


Olivia's exceptional contributions to the legal profession have earned her well-deserved recognition:


Institute of Jewish Humanities, 2001

Superlawyers, 2014 – Present

The New York Times, Top Women Attorneys, 2016 – Present

The New York Times, Top Attorneys, 2016 – Present

In conclusion, Olivia M. Gross is a legal luminary with a remarkable career spanning 37 years. Her expertise in construction litigation, insurance coverage, and appellate practice has solidified her status as a sought-after authority in the legal arena. Olivia's commitment to educating others and her substantial contributions to the field make her a distinguished figure in New York's legal community.

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