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Emil Bradley Gould, widely known as Brad, is a seasoned lawyer with an impressive track record spanning 16 years in the legal profession. Based in New York, Brad is a recognized authority in patent law and intellectual property strategy. With a strong educational background, extensive experience, and a diverse set of skills, he has become a trusted advisor to businesses, creative teams, and inventors across various industries.


## Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice


Brad is authorized to practice law in the state of New York and is registered with the New York State Office of Court Administration under ID Number 4486544. He has held this professional standing since 2007, demonstrating his long-standing commitment to the legal field.


## Education


Brad's legal journey began at The George Washington University, where he obtained his engineering degree. He continued his education at The George Washington University Law School, solidifying his foundation in both engineering and law, setting the stage for a remarkable legal career.


## Professional Associations


A proud member of the New York State Bar since 2007, Brad is actively involved in legal circles. His membership number, 4486544, serves as a testament to his dedication to upholding the standards and ethics of the legal profession.


## A Visionary Legal Mind in New York


Currently serving as the Managing Partner of his firm's New York office, Brad specializes in advising businesses of all sizes on patent-related matters and devising comprehensive intellectual property strategies. His expertise extends across a spectrum of industries, from virtual reality and aerospace to medical devices and manufacturing technologies.


Brad's unique approach involves partnering closely with his clients to gain a deep understanding of their business interests and goals. This collaborative effort enables him to formulate and execute well-crafted legal plans that facilitate the achievement of these objectives.


## A Multifaceted Skill Set


Brad's qualifications extend beyond his legal acumen. His engineering degree from MIT sets him apart, allowing him to bridge the gap between technical and legal intricacies. This interdisciplinary perspective empowers him to guide clients in securing new patents, managing existing intellectual property portfolios, and capitalizing on their assets. Moreover, Brad assists clients in navigating the complex landscape of competitor patents, both defensively and offensively.


In addition to his patent-focused work, Brad often serves as general IP counsel, offering practical advice on corporate matters, financing, and licensing. His holistic approach to legal counsel ensures that his clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their specific needs.


## A Passion for Innovation and Aviation


Outside the legal realm, Brad's passions for innovation and aviation are apparent. He is an avid tinkerer and weekend inventor, which enriches his understanding of his clients' innovative endeavors. Brad holds a commercial pilot license with ratings in various classes of airplanes and is a certified flight instructor and licensed commercial drone pilot. This unique blend of legal and aviation expertise sets him apart in the legal field.


## Industries Brad Gould Serves


Brad's extensive experience spans a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:


- Aerospace Technologies

- Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

- Automotive

- Clean Tech and Green Tech

- E-commerce

- Fashion

- Fintech

- Food Production and Dispensing Machinery

- Gaming Tech

- Health Care

- Medical Devices

- Manufacturing Technologies

- Privacy

- Protective Packaging

- Semiconductors

- Social Media Software

- Sports Apparel and Equipment

- Web3 Tech


## Before Fox Rothschild


Brad's career path led him to Fox Rothschild, where he currently holds the position of Managing Partner in the New York office. Before joining the firm, he was a partner in the Intellectual Property Department of a global law firm. His diverse background, including his upbringing in Argentina, grants him a unique perspective that is invaluable when addressing the needs of both U.S. and non-U.S. clients, taking into account cultural nuances and international business requirements.


## Beyond Fox Rothschild


Brad is not just a legal professional; he is also a dedicated volunteer and community advocate. He serves as a volunteer pilot for LightHawk, a charitable organization that supports environmental conservation projects through aviation missions. In his pro bono work, Brad has generously donated his time and legal expertise to various causes, including a trauma institute, international charitable organizations, and budding entrepreneurs.


As a community advocate, Brad has organized and assisted with personal safety and protection classes, particularly focusing on programs for women in Bedford Hills and Mt. Kisco, New York. Furthermore, he has provided pro bono assistance to a coalition of historically black universities concerning IP policy issues, demonstrating his commitment to fostering positive change through legal advocacy.


## Active Memberships


Brad is a member of several professional organizations, including:


- Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

- Experimental Aircraft Association

- National Association of Flight Instructors

- New York Intellectual Property Law Association


These memberships showcase his commitment to staying connected with the broader legal and aviation communities while continuously expanding his knowledge and skills.


In conclusion, Emil Bradley Gould's impressive career as a lawyer in New York is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his clients, his community, and the legal profession as a whole. His multidisciplinary background, extensive experience, and passion for innovation make him a trusted advisor for businesses and individuals seeking guidance in patent law and intellectual property strategy. Brad's commitment to pro bono work and community involvement underscores his desire to make a positive impact beyond the legal arena. As he continues to soar to new heights in his career, there is no doubt that Brad will remain a prominent figure in the legal and aviation communities, leaving a lasting legacy of expertise and service.

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